BHA Conveyance Components (BHA)

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During through-drill-pipe operations, Signum logging tools gain access to the open hole by passing through the bottomhole assembly (BHA). Comprised of the optional float-valve sub, deployment sub and access bit or mule shoe, the BHA makes it possible to bypass trouble zones, drill through bridges, complete reamer runs and maintain well control, all while maintaining access to the borehole. Not getting logs to bottom is no longer a problem with the Signum conveyance system.


  • Maintains well control
  • Allows tool access to borehole
  • Allows circulation and rotation capabilities
  • Bypasses trouble zones
  • Eliminates additional conditioning trips


FLOAT VALVE SUB 5 in, 6.75 in, 8 in
DEPLOYMENT SUB 5 in, 6.75 in, 8 in
ACCESS BIT* 5.875 in to 12.25 in
MULE SHOE* 5 in, 6.75 in, 8 in

*Custom sizes available